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Hayvenhurst Studio
7021 Hayvenhurst Ave
Van Nuys,Ca.91406

Dimensions: 80W x100L x 36H  with 3 Wall CYC
Production Office Space 3rd Floor(1,280sq.ft.)
Makeup/Dressing Rooms 2nd Floor(1,600sq.ft.)
Catwalk 28' High - Cyc Back Wall 36' High - Catwalk to Ceiling 7'-9"
Stage Door 12'7"W x 14' H - Pit Area 16'W x 24'L x 10'D
Two 20 Ton Air conditioner
4,800 Amps Total- 2,400amp on floor/2,400amp on catwalk - D.C.Power 500 amps
High speed Internet/Wireless                       
Elevator to Underground Parking,1st,2nd,3rd and catwalk
Wood Floor
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